Our Staff

Ministry - /ˈminəstrē/ noun

Dr. Leonzo Lynch

Senior Pastor

Rev. Walter Bowers

Executive Pastor | Email

Youth Pastor

F.I.Y.A. Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Leland Howard

Minister of Media | Email

Felicia Hicks Gaston

Executive Assistant to the Pastor | Email


Admin. Assistant to the Executive Pastor/ CBA

Keith Hill

Minister of Music

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Change the layout direction of a flexbox element from horizontal to vertical.

Flexbox is a display setting found in the styles tab under Layout > Display Settings

Step 1

Click to select Column 1 which is the white box that this paragraph you're reading is currently inside of. 

Step 2

Now that Column 1 is selected, press the up arrow on your keyboard, selecting the parent element: Column Wrap 1

Step 3

With Column Wrap 1 selected, click the icon shown above in the Layout > Flex Layout styles panel.