2017 Women's Conference

October 20, 2017
Ebenezer Baptist Church

If God can take a tiny, insignificant grain of sand and turn it into a unique, gorgeous pearl, then He can certainly turn our fears, pains, insecurities, decisions into a magnificent new beginning! From "Sand to Pearls"

Registration begins Sunday, September 17, 2017 following 10:30 a.m. Sunday service in the EBC Board Room

Cost- $30.00 per person

Cost includes all conference materials

Saturday- Continental Breakfast

Special Luncheon

For further information please contact

Abbie Butler or Marion Brooks


Our facilitators include:

Evangelist Suvondra Montgomery
‍White Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC


What things create that grittiness in our prayer life? Pain,  anger, desperation. These things cause us to panic and think that God does not hear us.

The goal is to remove the grit and strengthen our prayer lives by asking and believing God like a child. As “Women of God” we are “prophetic watchmen” who engage in our battles through prayer.

Rev. Michelle Law-Gordon
‍Open Door Baptist Church, Florence, SC


We all go through seasons in our lives such as retirement, aging, motherhood, widowhood, sickness and more. Seasons have the power to produce the grittiness that shape our feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Get ready, to deepen your roots in Christ and understand how God can change the grittiness of our transitions to the pearls that enrich our lives.

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