Our Staff

Ministry - /ˈminəstrē/ noun

Dr. Leonzo Lynch

Senior Pastor

Rev. Walter Bowers

Executive Pastor

Min. Jamal Murchison

Youth Pastor

Leland Howard

Minister of Media

Felicia Hicks Gaston

Executive Assistant to the Pastor

Joy Lewis

Admin. Assistant to the Executive Pastor/ CBA

Keith Hill

Minister of Music

Layout tip

Change the layout direction of a flexbox element from horizontal to vertical.

Flexbox is a display setting found in the styles tab under Layout > Display Settings

Step 1

Click to select Column 1 which is the white box that this paragraph you're reading is currently inside of. 

Step 2

Now that Column 1 is selected, press the up arrow on your keyboard, selecting the parent element: Column Wrap 1

Step 3

With Column Wrap 1 selected, click the icon shown above in the Layout > Flex Layout styles panel.